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Need an elaborate example with datasets declaration

first post: shirsath44 wrote: &#6...

If a field is null then Enumerable throws Exception

first post: jwriley wrote: If a field on an item within an Enumerable has a null field then wh...

Is sum supposed to fail when empty?

first post: loraderon wrote: Hi,Given the following code:var foo = new jsinq.Enumerable([ 42 ]);...

latest post: loraderon wrote: Hi,The new release works great!Thanks for the quick fix.

A simple example in asp.net with sql connection

first post: bybash wrote: Hello,I read your project and liked it. Really great job. But I cou...

latest post: kaijaeger wrote: Hi!Thanks for your feedback!I'm not an expert on ASP.NET but I'll s...

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